• Provide service excellenceto our business partners/clients
  • To add value through a comprehensive understanding of required end–to-end solutions
  • Strive for excellence
  • Maximise business productivity
  • Provide individualistic service
  • Develop positive long term relationships



We believe in serving our clients in the highest level of excellence and giving them continuous support even after the service or product has been rendered or delivered. Our second most important priority therefore is to deliver according to our promise to you our client.

We therefore, continuously push ourselves beyond our limits because today’s excellence is tomorrow’s mediocrity.


  • As we progressively gain or become Economically Empowered, we also begin to  progressively give back to our community in various ways.
  • We strongly believe in sustainable business models that are able to grow and  impact our immediate community in terms of job creation.
  • Youth development and participation in daily business activities through  mentorship and internship programs. CORPORATE LEADERSHIP
  • We are a youth based organization and our competitive advantage is the energy,  motivation and drive for success that inherit our human resources. Our  organisation is more than competent and subsequently allows us to effectively  compete with the best in our industry. To attain a position of leadership in any aspect of business, we need to compare ourselves against international trends and standards.
  • We pride ourselves with the local trends that make this industry what it is today, but we also incorporate the international standards to produce unrivaled quality of products and services to our market. Our business models have to be of a sustainable and growth orientated  manner.
  • Our management style is dynamic in decision making and implementation.
  • We strive for excellent service delivery without compromising on the  fundamentals, integrity and code of business conduct.
  • We have an open-door policy to our staff.


  • The development and ownership of media types which are responsive and  accountable to advertisers.
  • The development and ownership of content that appeal to an African Consumer  and attracts the international investor.
  • Effectively leveraging this content over as many media platforms as possible.
  • Leading our sector in Black Business Ownership, Youth Empowerment and  Reaching Employment Equity goals.
  • Creating strategic business partnerships and loyal relationships.
  • Understanding and capturing the trends impacting the next generation of  consumers.